SABC 3 weekly highlights: 28 August to 3 September


Final Cut

Monday, 28 August at 19:30

This week on The Final Cut it is all about Love, but not just the nice parts of love, the darker messier sides of the emotion. Our contestants play complex characters with complicated histories in their most challenging task to date. The Final Cut is hosted by Lawrence Maleka and the judges include Karin Van Der Laag, Mmabatho Montsho and Thabang Moleya


Survivor XXX – Worlds Apart: The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight

Tuesday, 29 August at 19:30

Alliances are tested as castaways must adapt to playing an individual game after the merge. Also, castaways fight for individual immunity in a classic game of endurance.


The Intern by David Tlale

Wednesday, 30 August at 19:30

It’s the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and The Intern by David Tlale is on the schedule! Our contestants get their first big shot at showing at a prestigious show… Will they ‘wow’ crowds and have an impressive run?


The Scoop

Wednesday, 30 August at 21:00

The Scoop will bring you up to date on who needs to be deported from earth, who’s throwing shade on who, who’s got to be traded or swapped, who’s got a lot and the biggest movies you missed out on. If you love stars, fashion, major choons hitting the charts, when it’s time to swap and staying on fleek, then the Scoop is the show for you. The Scoop is hosted by Khany Mbau



Wednesday & Thursday, 30 & 31 August at 21:30

#WTFTumi is a satirical, tongue-in-cheek, witty and fun late night talk show hosted by comedienne and actress Tumi Morake. The one hour show features celebrity interviews, exciting interactive games between guests and studio audience. The format of the show is designed to wrap up the South African day with a consolidation of what the nation is currently talking about while getting to know its amazing stars at the same time.


Bedford Wives: This Too Shall Pass (Episode 2)

Thursday, 31 August at 19:30

In the wake of Marco’s death, Dee is so busy keeping her family together and being strong for them that she’s unable to process fully her terrible grief, or to fully understand what it was that Marco was up to in the weeks before his untimely death. Gigi is behaving as if she is the grieving widow, grabbing the limelight from Dee. Yvette isn’t being much help since she’s too wrapped up in the speculation regarding Marco’s death, and Dee also has to deal with her mother-in-law, Alecto, who arrives from Greece and her nosy neighbour, Paulina (who seems unduly fascinated with the goings on in the Giannopoulos household). And then Detective Dlamini arrives with some news that turns her world upside down.


It’s Ok, We’re Family: Stylist and Actress – Siya and Mona

Friday, 1 September at 19:30

David wants Siya Beyile on the movie to do wardrobe and styling. David also invites actress Mona Monyane – apart from him being a huge fan of hers since watching her in the critically acclaimed film, Kalushi he thought she would add some oomph to his movie


The Mic

Saturday, 2 September at 18:30

The Mic is an on stage show hosted by Loyiso Bala with various talented Mzansi musicians giving an exclusive live performance like no other. The series is a stage to unleash rare South African talent that is ready and ripe to take on big stages.


Counter Culture: Off The Grid

Sunday, 3 September at 21:30

Going “off-grid” is becoming an increasingly popular choice for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint, assert their independence and avoid reliance on fossil fuels. “The grid” is a common name for the power grid – the linked system that delivers electricity to the masses. A typical house is connected to power, gas, water and telephone lines. Going off the grid means shunning these public utilities in favour of creating your own energy. Usually when someone says they are going to live off the grid, you expect them to be wealthy – but there are more and more people who are challenging this discourse.

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