Mapungubwe (translated as ‘the place of jackals’ or ‘the place where the rock turns to liquid’) was one of Southern Africa’s eminent pre-colonial states.

The formation of this ancient civilisation culminated in the establishment of a prominent sovereign state with its own political organisation and structures. The inhabitants of Mapungubwe were found to be goldsmiths, stonemasons, and potters and established a vibrant trading commercial network with China, India, and Egypt.

In the three-part series, the canonical history, which has largely been written by colonists, is disrupted through the telling of Mapungubwe’s history through the eyes of the indigenous peoples of Southern Africa.

In this narrative, award-winning director, Mandla Dube, interviews Southern African orators, archaeologists, academics, writers, and historians that debunk the misconception that colonialism brought civilisation to pre-colonial Southern Africa.