SA Singer Oshri Gets Signed By Akon


SA Singer Oshri Gets Signed By Akon. US based Singer originally from Senegal Akon has made the dreams of SA singer Oshri come true by taking him under his wing  through signing him to his label.

Oshri is a young man from Cape Town who most may remember as a contestant on a SA musical show competition the Trace Music Stars, where he walked away as the winner. The artist has now moved to New York to pursue his musical career and to continue working with Wyclef Jean.He has now also been featured on the top 40 Billboard charts.

Shortly after the deal was finalised, Oshri began working on his EP with songwriter, Mike Campbell. Mike is known for co-writing the song, Say Something by Christina Aguilera and Great Big World. One of Oshri’s latest offering is Bad Reputation which features fellow local singer Jimmy Nevis. The video for the song was also filmed in Cape Town.


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