Riky Rick’s Stay Shining EP Out Now


King Kotini,  Riky Rick, has finally heeded his fans’ call and released the Stay Shining EP today. The eight track project, which comes out just in time for Christmas, is something the rapper has been working on for the past year.

 “It is good to know that my fans appreciate me enough to want more music. I never take that for granted. I hope they like the Stay Shining EP as I had them in mind when I was made it,” said the rapper.

Riky Rick| Mzansitunes 2017

Although, some may know him for older hits like Sidl’ukotini or Boss Zonke, Stay Shining EP will prove that every Riky Rick release is a hit. We got a first taste of the Stay Shining EP with the catchy club anthem Buy It Out which was followed by Stay Shining, a hit that features Cassper Nyovest, Professor and Major League.

“Stay Shining is a feel-good vibe, about achieving your dreams against all odds. Many people think that those who make it in life have it easy but the truth is they just work hard. To stay shining you must want success so much so that you are willing to work as hard as you can,” said the Boss Zonke hitmaker.

On its release, Stay Shining EP sat at number two on iTunes’ Top Album charts, right after Sam Smith’s The Thrill Of It All and ahead of Maroon 5 (Red Pill Blues) and Chris Brown (Heartbreak On A Full Moon). Riky Rick could not hide the excitement the news brought him.

 “It is an amazing feeling to do so well when everyone is putting out a lot of great work out there. I’m blessed that we have so many people who believe in the project only hours after its release,” he said excitedly.

Throughout the run to the release, some lucky fans have seen Riky Rick perform the new material form Stay Shining EP at events like the recent Migos’ show in Durban and on SABC1’s premium music show, LiveAMP. If you want to be part of the experience then you will be happy to know that the release of the Stay Shining EP today coincides with a launch of the project tonight at Zone 6, Soweto.

“Come through let’s all enjoy the music. This is your chance to hear all the things old and new that I have been working on,” said the rapper.

Stay Shining EP has a mix of established stars like Davido, Da L.E.S, Cassper Nyovest, Professor and up and coming rappers like J Molley, KLY and Frank Casino.



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