Riky Rick



Riky Rick introduction to the music industry began in a recording studio session with Bongani Fassie. It was by Bongani’s side that Riky was first inspired to make music of his own.

He has since become a sought after music producer for artist ranging from MXO to L-Tido. Fortunately music production is just one of the many tools in Riky’s skill set. He writes, composes, produces and creates soundscapes for his own brand of music, which includes his featuring as a lyricist and often singer. His mixtapes can be found on the internet downloaded by the thousands.

Riky’s Quest for knowledge in the entertainment industry also led him to AFDA where he studied film production. Since, he has shot a number of music videos and documentaries for South African artists as well as shooting videos for himself in exotic locations like the canals of Amsterdam and South African mine dumps.

Yes, he’s also good in front of the camera, often sought after to appear in fashion shows ranging from clients like NIKE and Ben Sherman, Riky has a personality and sense of style that adds to any production. Recently he plays the role of a music producer on DSTV’s latest drama, ISIBAYA. Riky’s character, “Mandellic” is a favorite for viewers of M-NETS most watched local drama.”


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