Reinvented Singita Sweni Lodge unveiled


The reinvented Singita Sweni Lodge, located within Singita’s private 33,000-acre concession in Kruger National Park, has been unveiled. Taking inspiration from the lodge’s leafy location on a lush riverbank surrounded by ancient trees, the lodge takes its cues from the rich colour palette of its riverside position, and goes a step further, drawing on the iridescent sheen of bird feathers, butterfly wings and beetle shells to create a bold, new African context for contemporary design, architecture and food.

A glamorous attitude

With South African design team, Cecile & Boyd at the helm, the new-look Singita Sweni Lodge features a base spread of neutral tones to bring in light, which is reflected by gold and bronze ore, polished mud, gleaming recycled timbers, richly hued marble and splashes of vibrant colour. Bold pops of teal, emerald, citron, yellow and pale pink give a dramatic feel to the space.

Reinvented Singita Sweni Lodge unveiled Reinvented Singita Sweni Lodge unveiled

Working with GAPP Architects and also renowned chef, Liam Tomlin, the updated Singita Sweni Lodge exudes glamorous attitude, with a revamped dining experience and show kitchen, a new outdoor dining deck, an indoor dining area, Marble Bar and lounge, a new pool with views over the Sweni River, a fire pit and viewing deck, and the addition of a secluded pool suite.

Suites maximised for game-viewing

Each of the lodge’s six contemporary suites have been restructured to maximise open-plan living with panoramic game-viewing decks. The additional new pool suite with the unique inclusion of a private swimming pool and shaded riverfront deck can be connected to the adjacent unit to create a more generous two-bedroom suite, offering guests an extra layer of privacy – perfect for families and honeymoon couples.

All suites have outdoor showers that overlook the river, and outdoor day beds where you can spend a night under the stars. With its close proximity to the Sweni River, guests are treated to exceptional up-close sightings of the wildlife that wander down to drink or wallow. Guests have private access to Singita’s concession in the park, which offers some of the most exciting game viewing in Africa. The area is home to large numbers of elephant, leopard, lion, rhino, buffalo, and hippopotamus, as well as a myriad of other species.

Singita offers an array of activities for all ages, from walking safaris, game-drives, mountain biking, stargazing safaris, archery and visits to the Singita School of Cooking, which celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2017. As one of Singita’s most impactful conservation projects, the Singita School of Cooking offers a highly competitive, 12-month course that enrolls eight members of the local community annually to complete an introductory course to hospitality.


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