Redi Tlhabi bids farewell to 702


Redi Tlhabi signed off on her final show on 702’s airwaves on Thursday, 29 June, after 12 years. She will soon be jetting off to the US to begin a fellowship where she intends to broaden her broadcasting knowledge and expertise.

Her final afternoon drive show was an emotional one, with a surprise call from her husband, Brian Tlhabi, in the final minutes. “You’ve done so well,” he said, “You make me so happy. You make the girls so happy.” He added that wherever they go, they meet people who say they want her to be president.

With the announcement of her departure, Tlhabi praised Primedia and 702 for playing a crucial role in the evolution of South Africa’s democracy and consistently given a voice to the voiceless. “The commitment to the country and exercise of independent, hard-hitting but fair journalism make me very proud to have been a part of this great institution,” she said.

Tlhabi also assured her fans that she is not disappearing, the social commentary will continue and she has big plans for the future.

The EFF issued an official statement saluting her on her final day, calling her a legend of the airwaves and praising her for captivating public discourse holding power to account.

702’s station manager, Thabisile Mbete, said, “We admire and respect her for her choices and wish her the very best with this new chapter.”

An outpouring of praise and well-wishes from listeners kept the hashtag #FarewellRedi trending in South Africa on Friday, 30 June.

You can listen to Brian’s call here.

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