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Read this Thread: Be Careful of Instagram Fashion Stores


What started as a genuine transaction for Nelisiwe Mbatha has turned into a nightmare, largely because she paid for an item that was never delivered. What makes the whole situation worse is that Nelisiwe was blocked on instagram when she tried to get a refund. Nelisiwe then decided to share her ordeal with her Facebook friends.

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!This sh!t has to come to an end!!!!. Let’s name and shame people guys !!!!!. So I bought 2 items from Envy fashiononline (an Instagram store) on 29/07. Liaised with this girl till she got her payment (see bellow screenshots). She assured me she had the items in stock and how she’d keep my order aside for me (This is before I sent her proof of payment).Fine!!!!!! So this liar only couriers on Saturdays and Wednesdays 🙄 and since I made the payment only on Sunday then it meant she’d only send the items on 02/08 right?! Good!!!!! I was fine with that. She then sends a text on Wednesday informing me that she’s sending the parcel out. Aramex takes about 5 days to deliver and till this day I still haven’t received my sh!t!!!!!. So I followed up with her and she promised to call the courier company and she never got back to me. Being the stalker that I am 😂🙄 I called this B and sent her messages, but she just blue ticked and ignored me. I then asked her to send me her copy so I could follow up with the courier company. I called the courier company and even sent emails for them to assist me in tracking this damn thing!. To my surprise the guy that helped told me the waybill number I gave him didn’t exist, meaning she never sent it. I tried to get hold of this girl several times and she just ignored my calls and texts. I then decided to comment on one of her Instagram posts and a couple of minutes later I was blocked! (How childish! for someone who’s trying to make money and earn a living from selling clothes😏). Anyway…. I finally gave up on trying to get answers from this girl kodwa little did she know ukuthi she was messing with the wrong B!. So since she blocked my ass on Instagram, please spread the word and don’t you dare buy from this girl!!!!! let this be a lesson my honeys!!!!

Dear Envy Onlineshopping… It’s people like you that make honest Instagram stores go under!!!!! Some people are honestly trying to make a living out of this!!!!!I hope you see this!!!!! And oh!!!!! Keep the money, you’ll probably need it for the next coming months till you create a new page cause this shit is gonna go viral and no one will ever buy from you!

 Share your experience with us if you bought something online and it was never delivered.

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