Radio 2000 presenter Kia Johnson gets married


Known for gracing the national radio airwaves daily on the popular SABC station, Radio 2000, top radio and TV presenter Kia Johnson recently walked down the wedding aisle.

The vivacious and fun-loving media personality, and mom of two kids, has tied the knot with her boyfriend of three years, Branny Draai, in an intimate, yet exquisite ceremony – held in a private location in Langebaan a few weeks ago. Branny is a popular Cape Town DJ and has showcased at some of Cape Town’s popular nightclub hotspots including Shimmy Beach Club, 40/40 Cape Town and The Bank.

Self-proclaimed nature lovers, Kia and Branny opted for a wedding venue where their guests “could soak up some scenery and enjoy the quietness of the area.”

Kia says the wedding was very intimate with only very close family and friends in attendance. “We wanted those who are very close to us be it family or friends to share our blessed day with us. Those who were a part of our life and love journey and have been with us through it all,” says the mother of two children.

The dashing bride opted for a bridal gown from Urban Bride, a wedding designer boutique based in Brackenfell, Cape Town. “The dress was designed with a lot of attention to detail and had a ‘princess like’ feel. When I finally fit it on I knew it was the right dress for me,” says Kia.

“I also chose these beautifully dainty earrings, Druzy Agates, to pair with my dress from Janine Binneman Jewellery. Besides the visual appeal they’re a combination of a gem and rock which purifies and amplifies the body’s natural healing properties.”

How did Kia plan this intimate wedding celebration? “I worked with a strict budget as one of my mantras in life is not to have bad debt. I heard so many nightmare stories of couples who get themselves into debt starting their new lives together and I said to myself that’s not the way I want to go. Working with that strict budget was the best thing I could have done as we have no expenses left to pay. Anyone can achieve it, you just have be focused, compare quotes and never settle until you know you’ve exhausted all your options on pricing.”

For Kia, despite the typical bridal stress and anxiety that comes naturally with planning a wedding, her day was “magical”.

“I was so stressed and worried that everything would not run smoothly on my big day but I had amazing support from close family and friends, when I finally arrived at the venue everything had been set up. When we finally began with the proceedings magical was the first word that came into my mind. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. By the time we exchanged our vows and were gazing into each others eyes I saw Branny tearing up which didn’t help keep my tears at bay,” she shares.

“I’m a Capetonian and a South African gal at heart. My food was traditional starting off with a delicious butter chicken and then a spit braai for the main course,” Kia says.

For dessert options, Kia and Branny kept it elegantly, simple. “We had an array of desserts chosen from Limnos Bakery in Green Point. Our wedding cake was a three-tier with beautifully designed pastel flowers by Sam’s Sweet Cake Treats.

So what was the highlight of the day for Kia? “The whole day was just right but if I were to point one moment it was when my husband started tearing up saying his vows to me. That intimate moment further solidified our love for each other, plus we love good food and everyone couldn’t get enough of what was offered on the day.”


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