Pretoria super model wins world title


The Reckord reports that Centurion woman made South African history when she recently won the World Supermodel Production title.

Belinda Schreuder (21) qualified for the competition held at the exotic Macau Island, Hong-Kong, in May by winning the World Super Model SA title.

The Swartkop, Centurion, blue-eyed blonde bombshell was the fairest of all her 40 competitors from 26 countries.

Speaking to Rekord, Schreuder said this was not only her victory but for every girl on the African continent as well as her family for their support.

“You can try your best, but without the support of family and friends, the foundation would be a bit weak.”

In Hong-Kong, Schreuder participated in fashion photo shoots and fashion shows including being tied to a harness and modelling from the 233m high Macau Tower and underwater.

“It was very exciting doing all those wonderful things. I tried not to think about the height when I was on the Macau Tower.”

Schreuder has been making waves in the modelling industry from the age of 3, appearing in commercials and the oh so popular battle television show, Gladiators.

“I’ve had the dream of being a model since I can remember. When I won the Tiny Ms SA competition, I knew for a fact that this is what I wanted to do.”

She said the stage had always been her attraction and that she always wanted to be the best. “I have always pushed myself to be better.”



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