Pretoria prepares for The Color Run


The Color Run has become one of the top fixtures in Pretoria’s annual calendar, and 2017 is likely to be no different, as The Color Run brings The Superhero Tour to the Waterkloof Airforce Base on Saturday, 27 May.
Pretoria prepares for The Color Run Superhero Tour

© Mike Turner Photography

What’s bringing the most excitement to Pretoria is The Superhero Tour theme, which has had South African’s whooping with delight. “We launched an exciting new competition with the tour this year,” says The Color Run’s national event co-ordinator, Trevor Latimer. “The Color Run South Africa will be flying a couple of superheroes off to France, Paris, to participate in The Color Run in Europe. We’re asking Color Runners to tell us, via a short video or a photo story, what being a superhero means to them.

“The response to the competition has been wonderful, original, and creative – once again proving that South Africans are among the most heroic people in the world,” says Latimer. With headline sponsor Capitec Bank on board once again, the focus on charity, individuality, health, and happiness stays sharp: “The Color Run events encourage health and the coming together of our diverse communities as well as enabling us to give back to the less fortunate in the communities,” says Francois Viviers, marketing and communications executive.

“The portion of proceeds donated from ticket sales, ensure that The Color Run event endures well beyond the day of the event itself. Making meaningful, and impactful changes to the communities, this is one of the reasons why the event is so well aligned with Capitec’s ethos.”

The new venue is providing organisers with some wonderful new opportunities and a route that will cause less traffic disruption in the area.

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