Pearl Modiadie announced as Optrex celebrity ambassador


Pearl Modiadie, TV host, radio DJ, TV producer, events MC and actress, has just announced yet another role as the celebrity ambassador for Optrex warming eye masks.

Modiadie has come a long way since her TV debut on Craz-e in 2006.

Her media schedule includes co-hosting on Metro FM on weekdays between12:00 and 15:00.

She is also the host and associate producer of Zaziwa , a music talk show on SABC1 that airs on Sundays at 20:30 .


Modiadie also hosts Raw Silk , a fashion reality show on SABC 1.

Other than simply not getting enough sleep, the feeling of tired eyes can be the result of many different activities that require intense use of the eye muscles for long periods.

Between flights, presenting, photoshoots and travel, Modiadie turns to Optrex warming eye mask to relax her eyes before she tackles the next item on her agenda. With unique MicrosteamTM technology, the mask warms instantly when it’s opened, releasing gentle, soothing heat to relax and relieve tired eyes.

“When I want something, I make it happen, every dream is attainable only if you believe in it and are willing to work for it,” says Modiadie

“But I also believe in taking care of myself and that is why Optrex is my go-to product”, the new celebrity ambassador added.

For more information on Modiadie’s journey as the new Optrex ambassador follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

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