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Paxton single song downloadWith regards to the comments that have been emerging over the past 2 days regarding the song ‘Demonstrate’, which has been recorded and released by Paxton, as publisher and representative of the copyright and the writers, we wish to make the following comments: The song was originally written in the English language by Phil Bentley, Aimee Proal and Brian Kierulf, all from the USA, back in 2014, 12 months before it was presented to and subsequently adapted into Korean for the K-Pop band ‘Rania’, who were looking for songs to record for their upcoming album project.

As is standard in the music industry, artists who do not necessarily or usually write their own songs, request music publishers and composers to write or select and send songs for a project, which is one of the fundamental services publishers give their composers, to promote a composers’ career, who may not be an artist in their own right. In this circumstance, the song ‘Demonstrate’ was originally written in English and then changed/adapted into a new Korean language version for Rania. The original English version had, up until now, not been released commercially.

We as the SA Publishers of the song, were of the understanding that the Korean was a local language adapted release, thus restricted to Korea only and in all intent and purposes, that is the case. Although the song was available digitally globally, as with most local artist releases in ‘home territories’ this was only promoted in Korea initially.

It is important to make it known and for people to be informed that Paxton has recorded the original version, as written by Phil Bentley, Aimee Proal and Brian Kierulf, adding minor lyrical adaptations to make the song her own. These changes were presented to all three composers in the USA, who have collectively endorsed her changes, supported her making the song her own and fully back her version of the original song. They also wish her the very best of luck in Idols with their authorised recorded version of their composition. We would also like to make it known and understood that under copyright law, once a song has been recorded and released in whatever territory, another artist is allowed to record their own version and release it globally without requesting permission from the original composers, provided that it has not been changed musically or lyrically. Paxton has not recorded a Korean version, but has recorded the original version written, making minor lyrical changes, which were presented to and approved by the three original composers. Paxton, Gallo and we followed the correct procedure, as governed by the Copyright Act and therefore did not need permission from Rania, as they had nothing to do with the originally written version.

On a final note, viewers, followers and supporters of Idols should be advised and be aware that historically finalists VERY RARELY compose and then perform their own songs, the record labels put the word out to publishers and composers to submit songs in the vein of the finalists performing and the direction they are aiming in pursuing. Just to give examples:

  • Title ‘Once in a lifetime’, by winner Heinz Winckler, Composers Erikssen/Pettersen
  • Title ‘Moment like this’, by winner Kelly Clarkson, Composers Elofsson/Reid
  • Title ‘This is the night’, by winner Clay Aiken, Composers Braide/Burr/Nova
  • Title ‘Inside your heaven’, by winner Carrie Underwood, Composers Carlsson/Kotecha/Nylen

The list goes on, but whether it is Idols, The Voice, Popstars or SA’s Got Talent, it is extremely rare for the artists to have written their own song. By virtue of the title of the series, be it ‘Idols’ or ‘The Voice’, the talent being judged is the vocal capabilities and star quality of the performer, NOT the composer.

Paxton has not stolen anyone’s songs, the composers of ‘Demonstrate’ have been consulted, the version has been approved and authorised and they fully support Paxton’s own version.

Instead of using this as a way to discredit Paxton, thus damaging her chances in Idols, when she is completely innocent of any and all accusations being targeted at her, let the country vote on their respective star qualities and vocal abilities as performers…, that, after all is what Idols is all about, not who wrote the song – that has never been an issue on all the years of Idols.


Active Music Managing Director

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