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OR Tambo Airport aware of follow-home crimes, defends its security


Management of OR Tambo International Airport is well aware of and concerned about incidents of crime in the vicinity of the airport and against people followed to their destinations from the airport.

“The safety and security of passengers and visitors to OR Tambo International Airport remains of paramount importance to airport management,” said Gunkel-Keuler.

“We are therefore particularly concerned by the latest occurrence of follow-home crime in which two people were shot and wounded.


“It is our understanding that there is a high level of awareness of these matters within the SAPS, which has the responsibility for preventing and investigating crime in and around the airport.”

Gunkel-Keuler said as airport management they continue to engage with the SAPS on these matters and attempt to effectively communicate the concerns that we hear from the public.

“In addition, we provide any assistance we can to the efforts of the SAPS to prevent crime that is connected to the airport in some way.


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