#OnTwitter Euphonik suggesting that Bonang Matheba uses Drugs?


It seems like popular club and radio DJ, Themba Nkosi aka Euphonik is not yet over his break-up with TV personality, Bonang Matheba. Bonang has moved on, but the beef with her ex is far from over.

This morning, 2 August 2017, Euphonic tweeted

Let us break this down for you:


Here Euphonik is throwing shade at Bonang, he says she tried to act like a victim(Yet she was not). We need to be careful though. This is women’s month! Why is Themba raising this on 2 August 2017? New single out? Publicity stunt?


It is well known that Bonang accused Themba Nkosi( Then her boyfriend) of assaulting her. She even had bruises to prove it. Now Euphonik claims this was a lie, there is the truth the public does not know.


Here, Euphonic is throwing jabs at Bonang. Basically saying the TV star is delusional. Well lovers know each other better and in this instance, Euphonik believes there are so many fabricated stories that need to be exposed.( in V-Entertainment presenter voice)


Oh yeah. Does Euphonik have a stable relationship right now? Could it be jealousy? The homes in this case is AKA and DJ Zinhle who have Baby Kairo together. Now Bonang and AKA have one of the most happening relationships in Jozi. Which ex would be happy about that?


Oh, and we love that book, From A to B by Bonang. She is slaying, she is breaking bounderies and doing what no other local celeb has done. Wish we can have Bmojis for this one! By the way how does Themba know “More drugs” are being taken?

Here is what Euphonik said last year

“As someone who has come from an extremely toxic relationship, that carried on for two years after I was publicly accused and almost jailed for allegedly abusing my then partner, I thought it would send a strong message to women and men that abuse is a real thing with real victims and that anyone can be a victim.”

He further said

“Was I in a toxic relationship? Yes. Were we emotionally and verbally abusive towards each other? Yes. Did we wake up and drive to the court during the court case ? Yes, on several occasions. ¬†Was I ever convicted of abuse or of any crime? No. Did I ever have a restraining order against me? Yes, a temporary one that was never finalised and confirmed because the victim violated the conditions herself by coming to my house. Did I ever physically abuse my then girlfriend? No, not at all. This she lied about.”


“On the night of the alleged abuse, we had a heated argument. I had turned to leave when she tried to stop me. I pushed her¬†body¬†away from me and then walked out. She was not injured when I left so I can’t comment on where her facial wounds came from as I was not there to witness that. She later dropped the charges of her own account without interference or pressure from me, despite the belief by many that I had something to do with that decision. It was hers and her legal team’s decision to make and not mine. We also did not settle out of court nor did I pay her to drop charges. We did however reunite shortly after the incident, believing we had put it behind us.”

Speaking to the Juice, he said after he did the In her Shoes Campaign:

“People – men and women – accuse and get accused often in our country and I hope that by being part of this campaign I highlight the seriousness of abuse not only in South Africa but globally. ¬†I am fully aware that being part of this campaign will not lift the cloud I’ve been carrying over my head for the past three years and I’m aware that I’ll always be knowns as ‘that guy.'”

“You may not believe my story, but this is just that, my story, my truth. ¬†One I have held onto and left undisclosed to protect a then relationship with someone I loved. While I understand the sensitivity of the case, I must be honest and say it’s unfair to force me to be remorseful for something I didn’t do. If the incident has changed perceptions about me and the person I really I am, for that, I am sorry.”

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