One Night Only With Lady Zamar


One Night Only With Lady Zamar is an experience of a life time.. This is an exclusive preview show hosted one time only in Pretoria with a limited seating of 100 people heralding The King Zamar Tour.

Lady Zamar will be performing Live with her band comprising of keys, bass, drums, guitar and sax. The performance will include tracks for her debut album King Zamar and other popular and unreleased tracks he has written and performed.

Come join in in this extremely intimate event where you will be able to converse and discuss things with her that you have always wanted to.

Tickets are R350.00 which is inclusive of light finger foods and refreshments.

No external alcohol will be allowed in the venue.

The performance will be recorded.so come.looking amazing.

This experience promises to change your outlook of what live music should actually be.

Tickets will be available as of the 1st of June 2017.

One Night Only..
Everyone is welcome.


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