Olmeca’s 2017 Grietfest brings you fresh beats from SA’s electronic music scene


The 2017 Olmeca Grietfest is back for its seventh year, bringing you the freshest beats from across globe, paying homage to the kings and queens of the South African electronic music industry on Saturday, 26 August 2017 at The Container Yard, Johannesburg.
Get ready for a line-up that includes drum n bass, techno, house, electro, dubstep, bass house, hip hop, disco, trap and more.

Olmeca's 2017 Grietfest brings you fresh beats from SA's electronic music scene

The line-up includes:

Olmeca main stage

  • Billy Kenny (UK)
  • Ivy Lab (UK)
  • Popartlive
  • Bruce Loko
  • Felix Laband
  • Half ‘n Half

Science Frikshun main stage take over

  • The Prototypes (UK)
  • Niskerone
  • RudeOne

The club stage

Toy Toy

  • Trancemicsoul
  • Digital Rockit (Official)
  • Sound Sensible

Heads Will Roll

  • Haezer
  • Hyphen
  • George Daniel


  • Mr Green
  • Chee
  • BenSon


  • Bongani Zulu

Village stage

  • The LazarusMan
  • JakobSnake
  • Metro Ticket
  • Moonchild Sanelly
  • lil’ bow
  • Kid Robot
  • Disco Cam

Secret stage

  • Fultronbass
  • T-Stak
  • GherkGreen
  • Half ‘n Half
  • Morrison Taylor

The Afterparty @ AND

  • Embassy
  • RudeOne VS Mr Green
  • JakobSnake
  • Bongani Zulu
  • VJ – Fiance Knowles – Danielle Clough

Free entrance for everyone with a GRIETFEST armtag, and R100 for those without.


You are able to purchase tickets online via:

Do not buy tickets anywhere else as we cannot vouch that they are legit and you could end up with some dud tickets.

Tickets will be released in phases, ranging from cheapest to more expensive closer to the time of the event. It’s ultimately up to you to get in early if you want to save some money.

  • Phase 1 – R200 – 20 June/4 July
  • Phase 2 – R240 – 5 July/18July
  • Phase 3 – R260 – 19 July/1 August
  • Phase 4 – R280 – 2 August/15 August
  • Phase 5 – R300 – 16 August/26 August

Listed prices exclude booking fee.
R320 at the gate.

Olmeca VIP Experience tickets:

R480 – Early Bird VIP Ticket (Limited)
R520 – VIP Ticket (Limited)

The VIP Experience gets you:

– VIP toilets
– VIP R10 bar
– Access to Viewing Deck
– Access to Secret Stage
– Heaters

All design by: STUDIO KRONK – Studio Kronk

No under 18’s, ID required, NO drugs, NO weapons

Time: 1.30pm – 1am
Tickets: R200 – R320


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