Nomisupasta goes back to her roots-The Soweto Theatre


Singer/songwriter NOMISUPASTA is to set the stage ablaze at the Soweto Theatre on Saturday the 28th January at 20:00. she will be performing songs from her popular debut album. Her debut, self-titled album Nomisupasta won a South African Music Award for Best African alternative.

NOMISUPASTA, born Nomsa Mazwai, is an academic with a Masters degree from New York City, a published author and poet. With an infectious energy and a boldness that cannot be matched, Nomisupasta is excited about her show. One of her career highlights include performing at the United Nations’ General Assembly in New York.

Whether you know her as Nomsa Mazwai, the first female SRC president at the University of Fort Hare, or you know her as NOMISUPASTA, the voice that traversed the planet with hit Single “Traveler” with Black Coffee, the METRO FM classic “With You” which went on to be sampled by 9th Wonder for Rapsody’s Idea of beautiful album, or the Kaya FM #1 hit single “Maybe I”, she is without a doubt the epitome of Black Girl Magic.

Mazwai is very passionate about the growth and development of Soweto, where she was born and raised and now serve as the general manager of the Soweto theatre. Nomsa has moved back to live there and engage with the locals on a regular basis understanding their needs and ensuring that those needs are met.

NOMISUPASTA goes back to her roots at the Soweto Theatre, staging a performance with a full band, with the first part starting from which will start from 3pm and the second one to start from 8pm. She will be sharing her craft, following sharing her leadership and vision of the theatre at Soweto theatre open day the day before.

“I always wanted to be an artist and a leader. People always asked me, when there comes a time to choose one, what will you choose? I always answered, both. I am so honored that at Soweto theatre I can” the singer commented.

Tickets for the daytime show will go on sale on Monday the 16th of January at noon.

Fans can expect a fun-filled show with all Nomisupasta’s hits. She will be performing with her full band and with a number of surprise acts.

Tickets are available at from R120 and R250.



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