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Nico Matlala separates with Lebohang Mabe


In July 2017, Nico Matlala set social media on fire after a Facebook account in his name posted pictures of him with his new lover, Lebohang Mabe, calling her future Mrs Matlala. The businessman, who dated musician KB and Somizi’s baby mama, Palesa Madisakwane, was the centre of attention. Mainstream media and tabloids covered his new relationship with so much interest.

Today, Nico Matlala posted this message,”There you have it, me & Lebohang are no longer together. It’s officially over.”


In a spectacularly rude manner, when this relationship started, Nico Matlala would post immature messages meant to spite the former lover of his partner, Shaun.

“I am sorry for your loss, Shaun, but not pretty much so. I can’t sympathise with you and forget to celebrate my gain, thank you for guarding her for me though while it lasted.

“I had to take her for good this time and don’t worry, I will give her more than just matching outfits.” he boasted

“You can delete all your pictures together now while you watch us make new memories,” read one of the posts he subsequently deleted thereafter.

Nico has gained quite a number of followers and admirers since them, with some sending him messages like:

Romeo Makamo “Enjoy your life bro… I am tired of admiring people from Overseas. Entertain us homie. I feel you stru”
Kea Matshego Nico is hot and I like the fact that he doesn’t live to impress anyone! Big up brother!

Denise Deniey Super awesome man with such high achievements. I’m inspired.

Rebecca Dibetso Nna I respect you no matter What dey say ka weNA♡♡

Nico has sebsequently released what he called his official statement

The question in our minds is, who will be the next woman to be disrespected like this?

Nico Matlala known as Mojalefa is a founder of Asesebendzeni Trading and Projects, which was Established in 2013

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