Nico Matlala exposed in Leaked Whatsapp Recordings


Things got messy between TV personality Palesa Madisakwane and notorious playboy and business tycoon, Nico ‘Bricklayer’ Matlala.  Leaked WhatsApp voice recordings doing the rounds will leave someone’s EGO in shreds. To start with, the tone of the e-mails as well as the sheer lack of respect is shocking. Well, read the spicy conversation here:

Madisakwane to Matlala:

What do you mean ‘you are hoping Winnie forgives you’? For what? Why would you think I’m the one who went to the newspapers? I’m the one who has been trying to save my name and the next thing you want to blame me. Winnie should forgive me for what? What is it that I did to Winnie? Don’t mess with me. The very person who took us to the newspapers is your ex-girlfriend that you were f*cking in your house. The very same girl you claimed was your PA – the one you claimed to train. You trained her very well because she is pregnant now. She took the story to the papers two weeks ago, they had the story all along. On top of that you and Winnie are talking behind my back. [All of a sudden] Winnie is the victim and I’m the one who is wrong because I’m your toy. F*ck off Nico.

Matlala to Madisakwane:

You are disrespecting me. You don’t know when to shut up. You understand? Look here Palesa, I’m one person you don’t want to deal with. I just forgave Phumzile right now. Don’t jump the gun with your insults, talking sh*t and p*ssy. You will f*cking know my true colours. You can’t be sh*tting everywhere and talking p*ssy. I’m not f*ckin afraid of the b*tch of you. You understand?… I’ll f*ckin embarrass your sh*t a*s. Don’t ever f*ck with me b*tch. You here me? I have been told that you are a little witch and full of bullsh*t. You will not pull that bullsh*t with me. I only respect Phumzile because of the child. I will not respect you for sh*t. I’m not your friend. I dumped you because of all your bullsh*t.

Madisakwane to Matlala:

It’s ok Nico. You cursed me out. You dumped me because of my a*s, bullsh*t and p*ssy. All those things you said. I still respect and will still love you, because I loved you. If you are going to curse me out because of my pu*sy that we had fun with, it’s ok… I’m at peace my brother. May God be with you. I won’t curse you back and I don’t hate you…

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Madisakwane to Matlala (speaking about actress Winnie Ntshaba):

I have always known the kind of person my friend [Winnie] is. I know her in and out. What she has done to me, it’s not the first time. She has always done it to other people. Many people, business-wise, they don’t want to deal with Winnie because they know how she operates. I now realize that clearly my friend was jealous of me… I was very excited when I met you. I was happy. I was so in love and I couldn’t hide it like a little girl. I was like a teenager who started falling in love and I became open with my heart, mind and everything –  even when I was posting on Instagram I was happy.

Clearly she realised that I was happy, I found the right person and she become jealous… She has always compared herself with me… After our issues of her consulting with a sangoma to bewitch me and things like that, I forgave her and we became friends again. She called me and apologized, we became friends again. I know that she has been struggling, waiting for her things to run smoothly so she can make money and buy a house.

Feeling sorry for her, I went and spoke to my partner [Matlala] asking him to help Winnie… I did not know that she will stab me in the back like this. I’m very disappointed and hurt, but I’m not surprised. This is not the first time she has done something like this. She once went to a sangoma to bewitch me, but my pastor saw through her and she even apologized to me… I forgave her and on top of that she goes after you, feeding you lies about me and broke us up. She became jealous, bitter and devilish because she saw that her friend will live a happy life. I don’t want to be her friend anymore, but I forgive her.

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