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Nico Matlala Attempts to Apologise for Humiliating Lebo


Nico Matlala surely enjoys the attention and controversy around his love life and other side show shenanigans that come with it. Some see his as a hero, some admire his wealth and lifestyle, some dream to be like him one day, and some who are mature enough, are able to see through all the drama around him.

After a couple of reckless and arrogant social media posts directed at his ex-girlfriend, Nico Matlala has come to his sense( We thank whoever advised him this time) and here is what he wrote:

The Apology

There comes a time in the life of a person in which one sits down and reflect, I’ve taken myself and laid my nakedness bare to all and sundry, I’ve opened myself to scrutiny, judgement, ridicule and all sorts of negative narrations around my life. I’ve acted irrational, childish and immature over the past few months. I’ve let anger get to me and I sincerely apologize. I’ve hurt a lot of people and want to apologize without reservation.

I want to humble myself to Lebo and her family and all that have read and seen what has transpired of late and plead for the forgiveness. I’ve wronged a lot of people and involved a lot of people into this whole madness and ask that I be forgiven. I am only human and I’ve faltered. My businesses cannot be built on such a foundation, I now declare that being childish is over and one must simply man up and be responsible.

My children need a sober father, I don’t consume alcohol but my behaviour is at times that of a drunkard. I hereby withdraw all accusations, and insults I’ve made to Lebo and her family. And ask that I be given a chance to show to everyone that am a mature person.

In good spirit

Nico Matlala

I thank you

However, Some Social Media users were having none of that;

Precia Thando Ndaba-Makitla Humble yourself…. and go and apologize personally to those that you have wronged…

Gugulethu Sibanda We can forgive you, so does Lebo but the family will never forgive you….forget

Nthabeleng Mothokho On behalf of all the drunkards we distance ourselves from such accusations.

Refilwe Khwinana His apology sounds like that of a man who abuses you physically and emotionally but says everything you wanna hear so you stay

La Leerah Delete all your social media accounts, you misusing them…. and go for therapy for a year!! Maybe we will accept you back in society

Nkoko Marcus Mahwai This boy will do anything to get media attention. Your picture in lavish suits and German car keys in your hand does not show any signs of remorse. Your apology to us matters not rather start with that lady you chased like a dog after parading her like you were auctioning her.

Modimowabolesiba Lesiba Matlamela Your asking forgiveness to wrong people , social media will humble you Nico ,

Nico leiša serithi sa banna ba Mapedi fase maan ,gape gona bjale e noba ya ja leotša

Prisca Prish VanDer Cele So manipulative. And there’s someone who will fall into this crap. Seek professional help your anger problem is beyond levels.

Others were more considerate;

Masentle Monaheng Apology accepted by you need to knee down and apologize to Lebo she is the one who you hurt most rona babang rerata ditaba fela. Atleast you have lowerd your ego




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