New Dove Antiperspirants – the ultimate underarm skincare


New, improved Dove deodorant goes beyond 48-hour protection giving underarms the care they deserve

Every woman wants soft, smooth skin all over their body, so we should be able to feel confident about embracing life with open arms, knowing we have soft, smooth beautiful underarms. Because Dove is all about skin care, its range of antiperspirants have been rebalanced to offer even higher levels of moisturisation – perfect for our often uncared for underarm skin.

From bathing suits to evening gowns, women can now reveal their underarms with confidence and enjoy the benefits of Dove antiperspirant’s extra protection.

Dove has created its new and improved antiperspirant to give your underarms more than just effective protection, but soft and smooth underarms no matter what you put them through!

Beauty’s New Dynamic Duo: Protecting and caring for underarm skin

Real underarms go through a lot and they need more than just 48h protection.

Underarm skin needs more attention than other areas of the body, so Dove antiperspirants work doubly hard. The ultimate care antiperspirant, Dove were the first to add an impressive, skin-improving ¼ moisturising cream to their formulations, which means that 25% of our product is made up of moisturising ingredients. The latest rebalanced formulations provide 48-hour sweat and odour protection while providing even more moisturisation, but ingeniously, also contain the same skincare ingredients as those used in luxury face creams.

The new Dove formulations contain humectants and active moisturisers such as glycerol and sunflower seed oil, which, together powerfully enhance moisturisation. Glycerol has excellent skin-conditioning, humectant properties penetrating the stratum corneum to lock moisture into the skin. Sunflower seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids, which boost the skin’s ability to retain water, improve elasticity and prevent dryness.

This insistence on quality and effectiveness creates the ultimate dynamic duo delivering moisturising, beautifying Dove skin care and powerful antiperspirant technology.

Protecting and moisturising antiperspirants – the ultimate in underarm skincare from Dove.

The Scent of Beautiful Skincare

Bury your face in petals of a rose and your senses will be lifted by its feminine scent and freshness, which is also why the fragrance of a great moisturiser or body lotion can evoke such a similar pleasure. Dove rightly believe underarm care should be an extension of your beauty regime giving their range not only the same level of care and feel-good factor as a sophisticated face cream, but recreating the scent of one too. Dove antiperspirants have been crafted by the fragrance houses that make fine fragrances and have a wonderful, premium fresh, clean and beautiful smell that evokes skin care.

Dove Original is a classic. This antiperspirant deodorant does just what you’d expect: it provides up to 48-hour protection and cares for your underarm skin. Its delicate scent helps to keep you feeling fresh and clean all day. With Dove’s unique 1 / 4 [facebook][follow id=”username” size=”large” ], it helps to give you soft, smooth underarms. It’s the scent you love, with the protection and underarm care you deserve.

Dove Invisible Dry is tested on a 100 garment colours, from black to white and all the colours in between to keep you dry all day long without leaving a trace. Like all the other Dove antiperspirant deodorants in our range, it provides up to 48-hour protection and cares for your underarm skin.

New Dove Mineral Touch is infused with dead sea minerals to leave your underarms feeling silky soft all day long. Its scent is an effervescent blend of bright juicy citrus notes that light up a cosy bouquet of gentle florals.

Dove Sensitive antiperspirant has been formulated especially for sensitive skin: it is alcohol-free, with no colourants or preservatives. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested for people with sensitive underarm skin just like you.

Dove Beauty Finish combines our unique 1/4 moisturising cream and vitamins E & F for beautiful, soft and smooth underarms.

Feel fresh and clean all day long with Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea antiperspirant. A nature-inspired, refreshing scent with cooling notes of freshly cut cucumber, green tea and melon combined with fresh floral notes that leaves your underarms with a refreshing, light sensation. It provides up to 48- hour protection and cares for your underarm skin.

Dove Go Fresh Grapefruit & Lemongrass is a sparkling fusion of vibrant grapefruit, zesty lime and energising lemongrass combined with floral notes that leaves your underarms with an energising sensation. It provides up to 48-hour protection and cares for your underarm skin.


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