2017 is one exciting year for Namhla Mbawuli, a South Africa song-writer, singer and performing artist born and raised in the country’s Eastern Cape Province. Currently based in Pretoria, the super talented vocalist has been cooking her first solo offering, after her previous successes working with various top SA house DJ’s.


Namhla has collaborated with a variety of House Dj’s such as Msayibo, King P, and Dj Meq providing their rhythmic house beats with both lyrical and vocal content made from a combination of Afro Soul, RnB and Afro Pop influence. Her big “break” in the collaborative front of the music industry occurred in 2015 following a feature on a song titled Boomerang with Metro FM award winning house Dj and music producer, Mobi Dixon. Boomerang was the first track on Mobi’s Live The Music album, an album that won a Metro FM award for best Dance album in 2016.

Namhla is looks more than ready to embark on her solo music career, beginning with her much anticipated single featuring DJ Meq titled Uyindlela due for release on the 30th of October 2017. The song remains grounded to Namhla’s rhythmic and commercial house background, whilst infused with a combination of Afro Soul, Afro Pop, RnB, Gospel and even Country music lyrical and vocal content. A couple of radio stations have already playlisted the song, and the artist says she has been receiving overwhelming feedback from the music industry critics including seasoned DJs and entertainment writers.

‘Uyindlela’ reintroduces us to a new rhythmic house sound and also further channels Namhla’s vocal variation whilst still maintaining the soft and simple tone she’s familiarized with. The song creatively adds on to the global evolution of house music and provides a brilliant introduction that paves the way for Namhla and her journey in music.

You can connect with Namhla on her social media handles as follows

Instagram: namhla_mbawuli

Facebook: Namhla

Twitter: Namhla_ZAR

YouTube: Namhla

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