Mzwakhe Mbuli to sue over funeral fraudster claims.


The people’s poet has given Power FM presenter Thabiso Mosia seven days to retract his allegations against him.

Musician and poet Mzwakhe Mbuli has reportedly given radio personality Thabiso Mosia seven days to retract his accusations that he is a fraudster or he will sue him in court for defamation, The Sowetan reports.

This comes after the Power FM sports presenter, who was a close friend of late Kwaito star Mandoza, alleged in a series of tweets last week that Mbuli “scammed” Mandoza’s family of thousands of rands in the run-up to Mandoza’s funeral last year.

A letter from Mafenya Attorneys Inc, seen by the paper, claims Mosia violated Mbuli’s rights and brought the poet’s name into disrepute by alleging he uses celebrity funerals to scam families into helping them out with funeral arrangements, in effect to make a quick buck out of their tragedies.

“We act on behalf of Mr Mzwakhe Mbuli. It has been brought to his attention through the public media, social media, national newspapers and other electronic and broadcast media platforms that you allege that our client is a ‘a scamster’ (sic),” the undated letter reportedly stated.

“We view the above unsubstantiated and malicious allegations in a serious light and reserve our right to approach a competent court of law to test [these allegations] given the public stature of our client and the violation of his rights, and bringing his good name to [sic] disrepute. You have seven days upon receipt of this correspondence to retract your comments.”

Mosia has not responded to the letter from Mbuli’s lawyers but on Thursday said on Twitter he stood by every single word he had tweeted.

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