[Must Read] How Trace Judges Music Video Submissions




Thanks for submitting your video, these are the guidelines to help Artists, Management, Labels or video production teams across the continent produce high quality music videos that can be broadcast across our networks.

  1. Production Planning and Video Treatments – All Artists, talent and management are encouraged to contact your local TRACE office whilst the proposed video production is still at the planning stage in order to confirm that your video plans will ideally lead to the production of a video which reaches the content and technical standards required by the network.
  2. Sex &Nudity – Artists and producers should avoid simply copying the generic US style of shooting music videos with naked women and flashy cars. Music can be enjoyed without naked women. Be original
  3. Sound – Good sound quality in a video is very important. Music is about good sound to the ear. The sound should always be mixed and leveled properly.
  4. Camera – VHS or home video camera should not be used. Beta cams, Photo full lens cams, DV cams, HDV cams, PD150 or 170 and 15 mills (used for shooting films).
  5. Picture quality –  The picture needs to be clear, clean and if there is grading (improving picture quality by employing a “textured” finish to the video must be done by an experienced video maker. Over grading often looks tasteless if it is not done professionally.
  6. Editing – Producer and director need to cut a storyline. There must be good continuity and strobing (fast cuts) should be avoided. Lingering or salacious shots of exposed flesh will prevent your video being acquired for broadcast.
  7. Clip titles – TRACE Urban always provides our own clip title display. All submitted videos must not have burnt on clip titles, but should rather be supplied “clean”. Videos that do not adhere to this rule will not be broadcast on the network.
  8. Product placement – Music videos should not have any obvious product placement or branding as part of their content.
  9. Violence – Storylines should avoid violence and use of dangerous tools like knives and guns.
  10. Swearing – If there is swearing or cursing on the soundtrack of a song whatever language the song may be performed in) it must be obscured. Please avoid swearing or lyrics that may offend.
  11. Religion – Lyrics or action within a video should not abuse religious or cultural beliefs promote the domination of individuals belonging to any particular religion.

 Note: Once a video is submitted IT IS NOT GUARANTEED TO AIR ON TRACE. We receive hundreds of great videos and must select accordingly. You will be wise to promote yourself as an artiste as much as possible. Selections are made by committee. NO ONE PERSON can get your music video played. DO NOT PAY….We will get back to you.

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