Music Fans React To Babes Wodumo #SAMA23




Ayanda Khumalo She is sabotaging her own career, u can’t make unfounded accusations just because u didn’t win. No organizer will wanna work with you, worse whenever u going to perform apparently u are a big trouble maker. Arriving late etc. Besides your music is for kids who don’t have cellphones to vote for u. Thina as Adults we can’t waste our airtime and vote for ‘wololo’. U can dance yes and u good at it but u need to make good quality music for people who can actually vote for u Babes Wodumo

Pamela Mndawe Babes your fans are in pre school and primary bebatokuvotela ngani banganamafone? Stop being a sore looser accept that you did not win but your fans won’t stop singing wololo continue gal one day nawe you will buy the votes.

Keneilwe Magadi Hai no. Babes needs to calm down. She just got here and she’s already this angry? The people that won the categories she was in deserved to win. Most of her fans are still in school. They don’t have money to buy airtime to vote, and the parents of those fans are voting for Amanda, Vusi Nova and so forth. She shouldn’t have said what she said before the awards about boycotting the awards is she doesn’t win. She shot herself in the foot. Now we really want to see if she is really going to boycott.

Do you think the awards were fair?

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