#MondayLunchBox Healthy Lunchbox Tips for Healthy Minds


Written by Clover Lifestyle

Always remember that healthy snacking is important. But we thought it best to give you seven more tips to ensure your little ones have everything they need to be able to keep up their energy levels and concentration in class, especially with exams just around the corner:

Tip #1 – Keep it airtight
By packing your child’s lunch in an airtight container, you ensure the contents stay fresh! You can even include a freezer pack or freeze a bottle of Aquartz mineral water to ensure the goodies in your lunchbox remains cool.

Tip #2 – Timing
You can always pack lunches the night before, to ensure you avoid the morning rush.

Tip #3 – Include all your food groups
Ensure that you include all of the food groups to ensure the little ones get a balanced diet with a variety of minerals, nutrients and fibre.

Tip #4 – Include fresh fruit
You can pick either whole fruit like apples, bananas or oranges that will retain their freshness because of their skins, or you can cut up a selection of fruits to ensure your child gets a variety of nutrients. Fruits are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre and the natural sugars.

Tip #5 – Include convenient Veg
If you would like to include vegetables, include vegetables that you can cut into sticks, like carrots and cucumber. Perhaps even cherry tomatoes.

Tip #6 – Bake
Bake your own muffins. It gives you the control of the fresh and natural ingredients, adding ingredients like raisins or additional fiber to ensure your child gets healthier options. This could also be a great activity for your child, so invite them into the kitchen with you and try our Carrot and Bran Muffin recipe.

Tip #7 – Include Clover
Clover has a variety of products, perfect for your child’s lunchbox, including SuperM flavoured milk,  Tropika and Clover Krush. Our Aquartz mineral water is also a great lunchbox addition to keep your child hydrated and if your child will be participating in physical actives or sport, try our Smart Drink.

Keeping every lunchbox fresh in ingredients and ideas will ensure that your little one is one step closer to a great future!

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