Meet Pretoria’s Top EDM Producer and DJ, Young DLC.


His song with Sylent Nqo, Be My Girl has been playlisted on South Africa’s major radio stations. But who is Young DLC?

A student at Pretoria Campus of Performing Arts in Lynwood, Pretoria, Young DLC is that unassuming  kid you will meet in a taxi and never give much attention to, besides his unusually overgrown Afro. But when you start talking music with him, especially the production side of things, that is when you see his face brighten up. The young man literally eats, sleeps and breath music.

To those in the dance music circles, Young DLC is recognised for his extra-ordinary multi-layered production skills that allow him to dabble even in genres out of his comfort zone. Besides his fast growing Electronic Dance Music career, Young DLC has been able to collaborate with different South African artists ranging from a lead singer of a popular Pretoria Pop Boy Band, a respected Hip Hop Star and one of the best house music vocalists.

Young DLC is not one of those overhyped music producers and DJs, but he is definitely one producer who deserves to be heard. Ask him what he can produce, Young DLC will tell you that he is capable of making good music, be it House, EDM, Hip Hop, Trap or Afro Pop. He indeed has proven his mettle in music circles and is currently part of a continental project that will see him work with some of the most respected African artists and producers.

The young artist continues to impress music industry veterans and executives, we would not be surprised if some major labels are already after his signature.

You can follow young DLC on his social network profiles:
Twitter: YoungDLC_96
Instagram: YoungDLC96
Facebook: YoungDLC96
SoundCloud: YoungDLC96

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