Meet Katlego Molai: The Expensive Breakfast Producer on TouchHD


So we caught up with the adorable Kyalami-raised Touch-HD Content Producer,Katleho Molai and had an interesting chat about her work, love for radio and how it feels to be part of the TouchHD family. Katleho also reveals to us one of her fears, read more!
MF: Tell us a little about you? 
Well I am a 28 year old Content Producer at Touch-HD but I started out with Gareth Cliff at CliffCentral back in 2014. I am an only child, I live in Kyalami which is actually where I grew up and I love watching Reality TV.
MF: What does your name mean? 
Katleho is a Basotho name meaning Success
MF: Have you always wanted to work in radio? What inspired you? 
I have always wanted to work in media because I couldn’t imagine myself working a normal office job. Listening to Thato, Azania, Unathi, Glen, Wilson B. Nkosi, Eddie Zondi etc growing up is what inspired me to get into radio. I actually now produce for Glen Lewis on the Expensive Breakfast, he co hosts with Nina Hastie.
MF: Before Touch HD, what were you doing? 
I was at TouchCentral and before that I was with CliffCentral.
MF: What does it take to work at Touch HD? What do you love most? 
It takes determination and balls of steel. Touch is a very hard worker and to work for him I believe you need to see his vision and work hard as his team to help grow the company.
I love the opportunities that this place has, they are endless. You are constantly being exposed to great things and there are always lessons being learnt.
MF: What books are you reading? 
It’s weird because when I was younger, I used to love reading and would even get awards for reading at school. But now that I am older, I don’t enjoy it as much so i’m not reading anything at the moment.
MF: Who are your Top 5 favourite tweeps? 
Hmmmmmm, lets see. I love following @NomzamoMbatha, she’s always up to something cool and tweets inspirational messages occasionally.
@ShowTibzLove is really cool. He’s kinda quirky but in a subtle way.
@KennyJMW is a blogger… South African but based in New York, although she has been home for the past couple of months. I love her fashion sense and it’s always interesting to see what she is currently interested in.
@SiyaBeyile – I love seeing his growth as a personal stylist and fashionista
@AKAworldwide – I love how people get worked up over his tweets, he’s so cool.
MF: If you could be in a movie as the main actor, which film would that be? 
Some kind of a RomCom, like Serendipity… because maybe that’s how it is in real life?
MF: What are your Top 5 favourite songs at the moment? 
DJ Citi Lyts – Vura
Sarkodie ft Runtown – Painkiller
Amanda Black – Amazulu
AKA – The World Is Yours
Da Les – Lifestyle
MF: Would you ever be on #DateMyFamily? If no, why? 
I’ve actually thought about it countless times, I’m just scared of being made fun of by Black Twitter. That’s why I would never go. ha ha
MF: One Day as a President, what would you do in SA? 
I would make sanitary towels free for girls, and probably give every girl a small car when she Matriculates (depending on marks) so that she doesn’t have to walk home alone at night from classes etc. With everything going on with the kidnappings at killings at the moment, I would imagine this would help in some way.
Follow her on Twitter: @KatlehoMolai1

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