Enhle Mbali: I met DJ Black Coffee when I was seeing someone


Enhle Mbali Maphumulo is a South African actress who has appeared in several television shows including Soul City, Rockville and iNkaba. Most recently she was named one of the cast members on the telenovela called Broken Vows. She is also set to appear in a feature film this November called State of the Enemy Number 1. Following on the successful launch of her maternity clothing range; SE Preggoz in 2015, she is she is set to expand the label by taking it to higher grounds.

Married to internationally acclaimed Dj Black Coffee,  Mbali shares with Anele how she was raised by her grandmother and mother. Mbali says her great-grandmother impacted her so much in her early days. Her mother was always working and she has her when she was 23.

On Black Coffee: “I was still dating someone when we met”

The two met on the set of Tshisa.” I remember I was still dating someone. He was on the set. And I remember, it was plutonic.”

“I thought he was an actor. I remember he had inboxed me and asked me to go out for coffee. I was like, it is not gonna happen.”

Finally Mbali agreed to go out for coffee with the DJ on a Sunday. Black Coffee asked her to come along with him for his gigs.

“And I think that night we stopped at Woolies because all the restaurants were closed. And we go to his place. I was like no, I am breaking my rules. All my rules. Conversation was on fleek and I loved it. I think i left early morning. I thought I actually should not be doing the walk of shame, because I did nothing”

From that day, the couple saw each other daily. Black Coffee made sure he checked on Mbali every morning and afternoon. ” We saw each other I don’t know how many times a day. I was on the Soul City set, he would ask me when is your call time. We would see each other in the morning before I leave. He made so much time to make sure he sees me. I loved the attention. I loved the effort, although the first date was terrible, our second date was amazing”

MBALI AND BLACK COFFEE were engaged 3 months later!

Mbali says she never had a father figure.” I don’t compete with men. Women I stronger and that is who I am”

The authoritative Mbali used to perform for her neighbourhood, used the family home’s stoep as a stage. She would play Sarafina or Boom Shaka. She says she is prepared to act in the Sarafina remake, she would only negotiate her salary after shooting!

On dealing with rejection, Mbali who has has Tshisa, Ryhthm City, Rockville, Broken Vows and hosted shows on ANN7 and Channel O says she has been blessed. She however says she has had to deal with rejection on a personal level, like when her mother got divorced to her step-dad.

Mbali also shared with Anele how Shona and Connie Ferguson play a huge role in her career. She is one of the privileged few who enjoy the mentorship of the Rockville and The Queen executive producers on a personal level.

She has been acting for 10 years. Some have called her South Africa’s Victoria Beckham. Anele seems to agree with that.
“I am my own person. I only became a unit when that guy came along”

Growing Up in Soweto

Mbali says her great-grandmother impacted her so much in her early days. Her mother was always working and she has her when she was 23. Her mother choose not to tell her she was beautiful. Growing up, Mbali says she always wanted to be a psychologist.


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