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Massive Music to debut on Mzansi Magic


Hosted by Lalla Hirayama and Smash Afrika, the show premieres on Mzansi Magic Friday 4 August at 21:30.

Your Friday nights are about to be turned up with Massive Music; a brand new music show hosted by Smash Afrika and Lalla Hirayama starting Friday 4 August at 21:30 on Mzansi Magic, DStv channel 161.

Lalla and Smash Afrika are your hosts

Massive Music will dominate the much-coveted Friday night slot when it premieres on Mzansi Magic. This hot new music show, offers artist interviews, captivating studio performances, and a weekly music chart. Hosted by the effervescent people’s favourite, Lalla Hirayama and young new talent and radio host, Smash Afrika, Massive Music is all about going big or going home. Factory fresh, and rivalling any music performance space right now, this is the entertainment stage where we get the story behind the songs or albums across all genres.

The show adheres to a strict “no insert” policy, instead using the time to probe deeper into the artist’s psyche for a more meaningful and richer interview experience, as well as allowing more room for top-notch performances. Each week will feature a hot seat segment, discussing all things music and creative.  Whether you’re a jazz junkie, afropop fan, hip hop head, kwaito devotee, or house hound, Massive Music will cater to every music palette.

M-Net’s Director of Local Entertainment Channels, Reneilwe Sema said “we bring our audiences Massive Music – which will appeal to a broader base of music lovers, the content of which is sure to change Friday night viewing for good.”

Make a date every Friday night with Massive Music on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161) at 21:30 come 4 August. There’s a repeat of the show on Look out for  Channel O every Saturday at 10AM on Channel O, DStv Channel 320.

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