Man drugged by the 2 Girls before they stole his Golf 6 GTI


There seems to be a spike of these kinds cases: Men meeting women at clubs, ending up going with the same ladies and some end up losing their properties including vehicles.

In this latest incident, a man lost his VW Golf 6 to a syndicate of car thieves who operate using the same modus operandi. Meet-Drug-Steal-Disappear

Please Help Locate these two ladies. They drugged the driver and stole his charcoal Golf 6 GTI on Saturday morning. Registration is ZFC 510 GP .

Contact 076 434 6139 if you have any knowledge on them.

Suspect 1. Photos from hotel cameras

Suspect 2. Photos from Hotel cameras

The stolen car

An Uber driver working in Pretoria has shared this regarding the same syndicate
“Hello friends nna(me) am working at Uber. Yesterday I picked up 2 ladies at Hatfield place call Moloko on the way one lady  was talking with some body over the phone she said they didnt go well. She said she poured a drug in a beer unfortunately those guys were  3 and sitting on different tables so 1 guy realised fast that his friends were sleeping then he took the car keys n drove home. The lady was speaking Tsonga. (She thought I didnt understand so be careful guys unfortunately here at Uber we can’t trace her name cos was a cash trip, we doesn’t have details. It’s just a name. I hope your eyes are open, stop allowing ladies you don’t know joining you in a club”

More updates to follow regarding this case.

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