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Man beheads sister, tries to sell head to businessman for R45 000


A Zimbabwean man has been arrested for chopping off his sister’s head and selling it to a local businessman.

Twenty-year-old Isaac Mashonga beheaded his 40-year-old sister Dadirai early on Friday morning in Zvipani, northern Zimbabwe, after a local businessman offered him $4 000 for a human head.

“The accused has been promised $4000 if he brought a human head, he subsequently killed his sister and went to a businessman popularly known as Giant in the area.

“People observed blood stains on his clothes and alerted the police who arrested him in connection with the murder case,” revealed the source.

It is not yet clear if the businessman has also been arrested in connection with the crime.

Ritual killings are an all too common occurrence in the country. Some unscrupulous operators in Zimbabwe believe that human body parts can work as charms to make their businesses more profitable.

Late last month a 22-year old man from the southern town of Gwanda in Western Zimbabwe, was arrested after he was found in possession of the head and genitals of a homeless man. The suspect, Honest Moyo claimed he’d been offered $25 000 for body parts from a local businessman.

And in February, reports said a 22-year-old man from southern Zimbabwe was arrested for allegedly killing his 12-year-old brother to help him get rich and find a beautiful woman to marry, a Chronicle report said.


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