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Mamelodi police has launched a manhunt for a dog rapist.


Rekord East newspaper reports that Mamelodi police are searching for man said to have raped a dog in a toilet of an informal settlement and fled.

The alleged bizarre crime was committed in the morning of June 11.

SPCA Inspector Andrew Kekana helping the dog that was allegedly raped by a Mamelodi man.

Andile Mabela, a neighbour, said he was arriving home from night shift when a boy alerted him to a dog crying non-stop in the pit toilet.

Mabela asked the man what was he doing.

He closed the toilet door and said that he had nearly been mugged and was looking for his shack keys. He said had taken the dog with him.

Mabela called his brother to have a second witness, but the culprit dropped the dog and ran away.

“The distraught animal was in pain and could not walk,” he said.

“The owner of the dog was later found and we went to the police station to lay a charge, but the police were not helpful. They laughed at us when we told them what happened.”

Police spokesperson Captain Michael Mbewe, confirmed the police were investigating a charge of bestiality.

SPCA inspector, Andrew Kekana, said when he found it, the dog appeared to be in pain and was bleeding.

“It was taken to Tshwane SPCA for veterinary observation and treatment the very same day. Tests were done and the results will form part of investigations by the police.

“A charge of bestiality was laid by the owner at Mamelodi East police station, and as SPCA, we added charges of cruelty to animals,” said Kekana.

He said the affected dog died the following day.

The distraught owner of the dog could not give comment

The culprit was believed to be in his late 30s.

Mbewe urged people to assist the police with any information that may lead to the arrest of the man by calling 08600 10111.

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