Louise Carver Releases “Keep Your Eyes On Me”


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Louise Carver releases “Keep Your Eyes On Me” as the next single from her latest album “Hanging In The Void”.


Listen to “Louise Carver – Keep Your Eyes On Me”:

“Hanging In The Void” is an album filled with raw emotion and on writing “Keep Your Eyes On Me”, Carver comments “When I wrote this song, I wanted to convey a sense of urgency, like time is running out if we don’t fix these problems. It’s a plea for the relationship not to end and a willingness to fight for it, even though you can feel it slipping away. Mark Beling and I wanted to create natural highs and lows in the music showing all the emotions a person goes through when they are trying to keep their relationship alive. The acoustic guitar and drums naturally drive the song, yet still keep it intimate and personal.”

“Hanging In The Void” is Louise Carver’s most heartfelt and emotionally stirring album. First single “Lift Off” launches the album with a powerful message of hope and belief, new single “Keep Your Eyes On Me” pulls on the heart strings with its emotional delivery and stand out tracks “Remedy”, “Time Stood Still”, “Your Love Is Like” and “All the Lessons” all tell a story of a tough personal journey that lead to creating one of the best records of 2016.

Carver has had multiple radio hits with singles such as “Empty Fantasy”, “It Don’t Matter” and “Warrior feat. Zulu Boy” and “Hanging In The Void” is set to deliver many more radio and fan favourite singles. The album was recorded with one of SA’s finest producers Mark Beling and is arguably Carver’s best work.

‘Hanging In The Void’ track listing:


  1. Lift Off*
  2. Keep Your Eyes on Me
  3. Remedy
  4. Time Stood Still
  5. This Thing Called Love
  6. Your Love is Like
  7. Here’s to You
  8. All the Lessons
  9. Baby [Justin Bieber Cover]
  10. Say You Will
  11. Tell Me What You Want


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