LG’s brand strength and market leadership ensure the ‘premium’ route forward


LG solidifies its strategic focus in offering high-end consumer electronics with the introduction of its latest V series smartphone

LG Electronics (LG) continues to strategically strengthen its offerings and leadership role in the premium segment across various business divisions including its mobile communication business. The company’s ongoing focus brings to market the most innovative technologies and elegant designs catered to discerning user values and lifestyles in the premium market category.

“By leveraging the best of LG’s incredible technology and design innovation, the LG premium brand offering will further open up new opportunities for high-end appliances and consumer electronics. Within the mobile communication division, we strive to take a lead in the premium smartphone market with our two-track strategy of simultaneously backing both the mid-tier and the premium series,” said Kevin Cha, President of LG Electronics Middle East and Africa.

With LG’s handset shipment volume growth increasing and with it being the fastest growing in the Middle East and Africa region (Source: Strategy analytics report), LG’s strategic focus will be to further ensure latest line-ups in premium consumer electronics.

LG aims to continue to explore new product ideas that can add a new paradigm for an extended smartphone experience. The company aims to concentrate on offering differentiated user values and new, playful and premium smartphone experiences.

The recent global introduction of the V20 illustrates LG’s strategic focus on providing consumers with high-end products within the smartphone segment that prioritizes user needs and lifestyles.Premium mobile devices require the best in today’s innovations and technologies, and LG has ensured its V20 is bar none. Following the latest trend in the premium smartphone market, the V20 has enhanced durability with its aluminum back cover that withstands external shocks without bending or distorting, and with its Si-PC top and bottom with their solid durability. With this design, LG aimed to combine a premium look coupled with durability.

Since its ongoing public unveiling across the Middle East and Africa markets, the LG V20 has collected a strong portfolio of positive reactions from industry insiders who appreciated the smartphone’s design and feature-rich specifications.

The V20 is the world’s first smartphone to preloaded with the Android Nougat OS. It is equipped with professional quality multimedia features, which enable users to have a deeper and richer playing experience.

Over the years, the company has bolstered fundamentals by increasing investments in R&D and product development and is now looking at focusing its portfolio on premium mobile handsets in order to differentiate itself in terms of hardware and innovation for high-end phones.

Not only does LG plan to leverage the brand recognition of the premium V series, it also focuses on the G series to strengthen the market position in the mid-tier market. LG aims to strengthen both profitability and premium image and will lay the groundwork for improving the company’s standing on the long run.

In recent years, LG has done much to consolidate its strong position in the mobile communications market. It has repeatedly demonstrated its leadership in core mobile technologies through a number of innovative, user-focused achievements.

LG is driving the evolution of mobile communications forward with its highly competitive core technologies in the areas of display, battery and camera, and via its strategic partnerships with noted industry leaders.

LG will continue to cater to the avid and discerning consumers of today not only in mobile communication but also across various business units including home appliances and home entertainment that are sure to inspire many with the highest level of sophistication and eloquence.

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