Lezy De Yong releases debut single, “Blesser”


Limpopo rapper and singer-songwriter Lezy De Yong released his debut single, “Blesser.” The song is presented by Pretoria based recording label, BoiBoi Music and produced by William the African.

Inspired to by his love of soul, pop rock, R&B, hip hop music, Lezy De Yong has been rapping since childhood and influenced by friends in high school.

Lezy De Yong whose real name is Lesley Mahapa was born and raised in Ga-Matlala, Limpopo before moving to Pretoria in Gauteng at age fourteen and now lives in Kempton Park. The 27 year old’s love for hip hop was inspired by icons like Frank Ocean, Mali Music, Kanye West, and local artists such as Last Days Fam, Proverb, Tumi, Jimmy Navez and Kwesta.

When asked about what keeps him going, Lezy De Yong simply replies: “My producer William the African, he understand the type of music I do and knows my vision and he always keeps mein check in music and life in general.”

‘’My team at BoiBoi music they always push me to do what I do best, which is music’’ He added.

Blesser is a up beat and up tempo song that is pop,soul nd a mixture of african rhythm it speaks about the awerness of gold digging and relationships that are based on money and materials not love.

The new single is now available on AudioMack at and DataFileHost at


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