Kwesta’s Spirit Possesses Apple Music’s #1 Spot


Only 24 hours after it’s release, Kwesta’s new single has broken yet another record as Apple Music chart’s current number one. A few hours after it’s release and a couple of Metro FM plays later, the song was unsurprisingly number one both the iTunes Hip Hop and the iTunes main charts proving that Kwesta is undeniably the king of South African hip hop.

The success of the single shines over the fan favourite song Akanamali which had been on the crest of these charts for weeks.  On the song, the Ngud’ hit-maker featured international rapper and Maybach Music artist Wale.  The song debuted by Metro FM on DJ Fresh’s Fresh Breakfast and was played twice after multiple telephonic requests by fans and went on to receive additional plays.

 “To me Spirit means being what you are about and not being afraid or giving up. Don’t be told that this thing does or doesn’t work. As long as it is in your heart then you need to chase it. Being South African, you need to represent where you come from. You need to represent that to the fullest and not let anything bring you down. You need to have the Spirit to face those dreams. Spirit!” said Kwesta about the song.

You need be to resilient in chasing what want to do with your life,” he added.

Giving back to his fans is close to Kwesta’s heart and so it comes as no surprise as the Spirit launch comes with a competition in which one of his fans stands a chance to be taken to USA. The competition called Score With Kwesta and the winner, plus a friend, get to travel with the rapper to shoot the Spirit video as well as the So Drunk one featuring Rick Ross. As if the trip alone is not enough, the winner will also feature in these videos! To stand a chance, you need to like the ‘Score Black’ Facebook page, share his post and fill out an entry form on

Download or stream Kwesta’s new single Spirit here


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