Kwesta, Kid X, TLT & Makwa6eats to drop #Fresh singles this Thursday!


RapLyfRecords,One of the biggest hip hop stables in the country is gearing up for the biggest music releases this year, the stable is dropping four brand new singles from its signed artists namely Kwesta, Kid X, TLT& Makwa6eats. These singles will be dropped on the same day and through the same link via slikouronlife.

The Singles to be released are as follows:

Kwestaft Thabsie – Ngiyaz’felaNgawe
Kid X – Mfazi We Phepha
TLT – Nice Life Problems
Makwa6eatsft Kid X, Kwesta&TLT – iNamba

These will be the stable ‘s lead singles for the first quarter of the year. All the four singles are hit bangers, all sounding unique and fresh.

The First single is from Kwesta titled ‘Ngiyaz’felangawe’, taken from his Dakar 2 album that dropped early 2016 and it’s his 6th single from that album. Kwesta has been consistent in releasing chat-topping music throughout the entire 2016 and this new single is no exception. However Ngiyaz’felaNgawebrings out another side of Kwesta as it’s an emotional love song that features the amazingly talented Thabsie, This song will definitely set the mood for a lot of people this coming valentine ‘s month.

Kid X also comes in with a brand new song, different from any of his previous work. Its almost as if Kid X is revamping his entire sound, Mfazi We Phephacontains a new fresh and distinctive sound that his fans will definitely enjoy. He’s worked with two hip-hop heads on this joint ‘ Yanga ‘ & ‘ Mashayabhuqe’.

The 3rd Single is from Hip Hop Dou ‘TLT’, the new fresh talent in the block. A lot may know them from their feature on Kwesta ‘s Mmino and on their debut song ‘ Chankura’. They are back with a new hit single titled ‘ Nice Life Problems ‘;this is one of those game changing songs. Its just too unique, it’s got its own sound different from any hip-hop song you’ve ever heard. Nice Life Problems is a fuse of Hip Hop, Mbaqanga and a bit of African Jazz, so you can imagine what came out of this fusion.
The last Single ‘iNamba’ is from Makwa6eats, a rapper and also one of the best producers in S.A, He did the amazing hook on Mmino and has also produced countless hits for Kwesta including hits such as ‘Nomayini’, ‘Mayibabo ’ and so much more. iNamba features the whole RapLyf Family , It’s got Kid X , Kwesta and TLT .
All these singles are dropping this coming Thursday the 26th January at 06:00 am on Slikouronlife and will all drop at the same time via the same link. So expect fire works this coming Thursday, as these are songs that are guaranteed to get the streets buzzing.

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