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#Kushubile Ntsiki Mazwai’s Open Letter to Afriforum


Open letter to Kallie Kriel,Ernest Roets and the rest of the klu Klux klan at Afriforum

We African people are watching as you throw dirt onto our ‘forgive and forget.’ It is sheer arrogance to be a minority settler group set on intimidating the majority of this land. Like many South Africans I was flabbergasted to hear that you are charging people for hate speech and incitement. The irony: your organisation represents exactly that, in this country. You’re an irritating boil oozing puss and refusing to heal.

The white male has done enough damage on this continent. It is enough. In other African countries the settlers were kindly and happily escorted out the country, you on the other hand have refused to leave.

When you have behaved badly in a home, the people of that home are most likely to be eager for you to leave their home. Do you have any idea how crazy it is dealing with an unwelcome visitor who complains about everything but will not leave?

Look at the history of this country. White people have left a bitter taste in Africans mouths. We are fresh from an Apartheid past, so of course black people are still angry. Did you expect all the feelings that come with oppression to just evaporate into thin air?

You have no right to tell black people how to deal with the trauma inflicted by you and your people, no right whatsoever. And in fact you imposing yourself like this, is highly provocative.

The best way to deal with emotions is to express it.

What you call ‘Hate Speech’ is an expression of black pain caused directly as a result of your being here on this land. White domination in South Africa has had a very traumatic impact on black people. How dare you try stop our healing process. The pain that white people have caused on Africans must and will be expressed until we feel it is enough.

How and when we decide to deal with the emotions is NOT your decision to make.

I think what is also disturbing for me is how quickly you are using apartheid style tactics of intimidation to silence black people. Your organisation is a threat to peace in this country.

I too am an African nationalist and understand when a group is standing up for the preservation of a culture, however that is not what you are doing. You want African born Dutch descendants to dominate and be the superior race in South Africa.

It truly is ironic when you speak of hate crimes. It is so easy to find documentaries on the internet on how you are training your youth to hate Africans and go as far as teaching your offspring how to kill us. This organisation is a ticking time bomb for South Africa for it seeks to enforce white privilege at quite a volatile time in our politics. Africans are by nature a peaceful and loving people, but history has taught us that when African get angry…..the situation becomes ungovernable.

Stop intimidating the people of this land. We have fought long and hard for peace in this land. People died for this. Stop disrespecting Africans and take responsibility for the trauma you have inflicted. Give Africans space and time to heal. And shut up…’re blessed to be here and you know it.

Don’t push us.


Disclaimer: Opinions and views expressed in this article are purely those of Ms Mazwai.

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