Anatii, Jessica Nkosi and Ayanda Thabete named among #Kellman20 influential South African millennials



The 2017 #Kellman20 are:

Stacy Norman – radio personality;
Sibu Mpanza – YouTuber;
Yashni Padyachee – news anchor;
Brett Lipman – owner of Dia Noche tequila and CEO of Black Robot Advertising Agency;
Naledi Sibisi – beauty industry entrepeneur;
Mike Sharman – co-founder of RetroViral PR;
Moyan Oloruntoba – YouTuber;
Simmi Aref – Comedian;
Anatii – Hip- Hop musicanmusician;
Yathi Khumalo – Editor of GQ South Africa;
DJ RiKay – DJ and music producer;
Leratho Mannya – graphic designer and blogger;
Linda Mbuso – radio DJ;
Jessica Nkosi – actress and presenter;
Anele Papu – photographer;
Jennifer Sanasie – journalist and radio DJ;
Cavyn Justus – swimmer who competed in Rio Olympics;
Chris Kazadi – entrepreneur;
Katlego Mohoaduba – actress; and
Ayanda Thabete – TV presenter.

Following the release of the launch, Kellman held a panel discussion with presenter, Roxy Burger, and eNCA anchor, Yashni Padayachee, about the responsible use of social media.

“The people who follow you have access to your life – so what are you doing to lift them up?” Kellman said.

Burger pointed out that many people share anything and everything on social media without thinking about the repercussions it may have.

Kellman highlighted that everyone needs to be responsible when they are posting online, as it is not only celebrities who have some kind of influence over others.

“Everyone is an influencer, whether you have four Facebook friends or 4000.”

Influencer marketing is not necessarily a new concept, said Burger, as she believes it to be an evolution of the word-of-mouth. Instead of saying you like a particular item in person, it is done online.

“Digital natives have a responsibility. Read things before you share them, Be responsible for what you share and what you post. Consider how it may be received.” said Burger.


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