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Kasrils: “I warned Madiba about Zuma”


Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News

Ronnie Kasrils new book 'A Simple Man' Ronnie Kasrils new book ‘A Simple Man’

Former Minister of Intelligence Ronnie Kasrils has described Jacob Zuma as a law unto himself saying South Africa is in dire straits and in crisis under the president’s leadership.

Kasrils was speaking to Radio Islam about the explosive revelations in his new book ‘A Simple Man’, detailing how he warned the South African Communist Leader (SACP) and its leader Blade Nzimande about their choice of Zuma to lead the ANC after Polokwane in 2007.

Kasrils details how in an impromptu SACP central executive committee meeting he warned SACP members against their support for Zuma following his dismissal as deputy president of the country in 2005.

The book also focuses on the tumultuous years that saw former president Thabo Mbeki’s overthrow and replacement by Zuma, Nkandlagate, the growing militarisation of the police and the Marikana Massacre, appointment of flunkies to high office, the ‘state capture’ report and his relationship with the Guptas amongst many other scandals.

Kasrils says all his efforts to change the thinking of the SACP including late former President Nelson Mandela about Zuma fell on deaf ears.

“I actually warned Madiba in 1990 that we’ve had our doubts about him, his behaviour and that fact that he was too (superlative), this shows unreliable (ity) and had tendencies towards tribalism.”

Kasrils maintained that the latest revelations in various books written about Zuma including Jacques Pauws book, ‘The President’s Keepers’ has proven him right 12 years later.

Source: Radio Islam


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