Kanyi Mbau “Typical Zulu Man” Comment Attracts Angry Comments


When money feels like it needs someone to talk to, it chooses the Shake hit maker, she told Anele Mdoda.

The Citizen wrote an article based on Socialite Khanyi Mbau  views on money and how she somehow always finds herself with a lot of it in a recent interview with Anele Mdoda on Real Talk. Mbau’s relationship with money started with her father and not the rich men she dated, she told Mdoda.

Though her parents never married, her father, who was in the taxi business, was always part of her life. She said he would come to her mother’s house with a lot of it and just give it to her.

“My dad was a taxi owner so he always had lots of money with him. And my dad was a typical Zulu man who did not know how to raise a child. All he felt was ‘just give her money and she’ll be happy’.

“He always came to see me like a boyfriend. He would always park his car outside, I would come out of the gate and sit in the car with him. He’d bring me ice cream and toys; he would sit with me for like two hours and then drive away,” she said.

Here are some reactions to the article:
Nondumiso Zwane If your father failed to raise you that’s his fault, why drag Zulu man into this. Your father doesn’t represent all Zulu man. There are many out there who love and raise their children well and yours isn’t one of them. Stop painting others ngobende abangaludlanga

Luncedo Matodlana Typical Zulu man??? I’m bloody Xhosa a but you just exposed your stupidity here. Your father failed to raise you decently, now every Zulu man has to suffer for that. Mpaaaaaa, no wonder you’re plastic from nose to toe

Thembisile Zamantungwa KaMasuku Mkhatshwa Udakiwe im a daughter of a taxi boss too ma father raised mie well even though it was hard so dont drag yr problems to our true zulu fathers n men lyk i syd udakiwe mxm

Some had questions for her

Kc Mnkandla How did you change your surname from Mchunu to Mbau


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