K.O’s SR2 Album Debuts at #1 on iTunes Chart


Today, multiple award winning South African rapper, K.O, finally drops the highly awaited release of his album SR2 which instantly hit the number one spot on the iTunes Hip Hop charts and number two on the main charts. The album which is available across the country in all music stores, as well as online exclusively for download on iTunes and streaming on Apple Music.

Speaking on the release of his second album, K.O could not hide his excitement. “Today we are releasing the album. It’s exciting for me, I am pretty anxious just to see and hear the feedback from people,” said the rapper known as the Skhanda Gawd.

SR2 comes through after the success of the critically acclaimed K.O debut album Skhanda Republic. In an ever changing world, K.O has skillfully remained loyal to the skhanda sound.


“Staying true to the Skhanda sound means, I don’t need to be constantly updating it or giving it a current feel, which is what I did with this new album. Those who know the first chapter of Skhanda Republic, will know that there was a lot of kwaito influence which was the wave back then. Music as a whole inspired this album, I have retained those elements that make my sound distinctly mine.” he said.

Mr Cashtime opens up about what you can expect from the highly anticipated hip hop album.

“When people hear the album in comparison to the first Skhanda Republic they will be able to see traces of what we did before only we have upgraded it and made it sound even more melodically and musically sensible. The Relationship between the previous and current album is in me continuing on the journey that I created with the sound itself but in terms of the emotions and energy, it’s two different chapters of my life. Back then I was more invested in proving myself, my skill set as an artists and my lyricism but this time around I felt like I needed to give people actual substance and talk about matters of the heart and things that really affect us,” he said.


Watch the No Feelings video here and Call Me here.

Download or Stream SR2 here:

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