Certified platinum selling rapper, K.O, reveals the artwork for his highly anticipated second solo album, SR2 dropping on October 13thSR2 (Skhanda Republic 2) is a follow-up to the award winning debut album, Skhanda Republic.

 When asked about the inspiration behind the artwork, Mr Cashtime said: “I want to express my patriotism not only through my music, but also through all my visuals to further emphasise my stance as a proudly South African artist. The SR2cover is a figurative statement that says I could be anywhere in the world, but my South African state of mind will remain in my DNA.”

Watch the animated teaser for the album artwork here.

To date, fans have had a taste of what to expect through two hit singles from SR2 which include No Feelings and Call Me. The videos for the singles are quite innovative and see the Skhanda Gawd step out of his comfort zone. Watch the video for No Feelings and the lyric video for Call Me.

Download or stream Call Me here:


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