K.O releases his highly anticipated music video for No Feelings.


Today, multiple award winning South African rapper, K.O, releases his highly anticipated music video for the hit single, No Feelings.

The single, off his upcoming album, was a trending topic across the continent on the day of its release; and is featured on various charts across the country.

The music video is inspired by S.A’s cultural elements and sees the Skhanda Gawd step out of his comfort zone and provide social commentary on ageism, racism and religious issues

“We took simple ideas and turned them into something visually enticing by giving them a metaphoric and semi-humorous interpretation.”

 The video was exclusively played on MTV Base yesterday, and premieres on VEVO and all other major TV channels today.

Mr Cashtime said:“I’m hoping that the South African audience will be encouraged to embrace their own culture more, and to draw the international viewers closer to the beauty of our multi-faceted nation.”

Look out for the ‘black boere scene’ which K.O noted as his favourite and most fun scene to shoot.

“The dog in the ‘boere’ scene was completely unscripted. He randomly pulled up in the middle of the shoot and was cool enough to take a few shots with the Skhanda Gawd.”

Download or stream K.O’s hit single, No Feelings, here:

Watch K.O’s new music video for No Feelings here:

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