K A H N Embarks On His ‘A Noise In The Void’ Album Tour


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K A H N embarks on his A NOISE IN THE VOID tour from the 25th October, touring his brand new solo album to fans across South Africa until mid-December.


The recent release of K A H N’s second solo album, A NOISE IN THE VOID has already seen the debut single WE COULD BE DIVINE, a collaboration with KAREN ZOID, debut at #1 on the iTunes download charts as well as feature very prominently across all major South African radio charts. In support of the new album, K A H N will be travelling across South Africa to share the music with fans and friends alike. The K A H N ‘A NOISE IN THE VOID’ Tour kicks off on 25 October in Pretoria right through to 15 December where it will conclude in Rustenburg.


Accompanied by his band, K A H N looks forward to creating many more musical memories with you all.



                25 October 2017 | Die Blou Hond, Pretoria | WWW.MUCHLOVEKAHN.COM

                1 November 2017 | Aasvoël Klub, Bloemfontein WWW.MUCHLOVEKAHN.COM

                2 November 2017 | Caversham Mill, KZN | WWW.MUCHLOVEKAHN.COM

                3 November 2017 | Caversham Mill, KZN | WWW.MUCHLOVEKAHN.COM

                5 December 2017 | Cafe Roux, Cape Town | WWW.MUCHLOVEKAHN.COM

                6 December 2017 | Cafe Roux, Cape Town | WWW.MUCHLOVEKAHN.COM

                7 December 2017 | Cafe Roux, Noordhoek | WWW.MUCHLOVEKAHN.COM

                8 December 2017 | Cafe Roux, Noordhoek | WWW.MUCHLOVEKAHN.COM

                15 December 2017 | Tarentaal Teater, Rustenburg  WWW.MUCHLOVEKAHN.COM


About the album A NOISE IN THE VOID:

‘A Noise In The Void’ has already seen five of the singles from the album released (including the iTunes #1 collab with Karen Zoid ‘WE COULD BE DIVINE’) receive a resounding response among fans and media alike. The current single on radio ‘A GIRL NAMED PARIS’ is also charting across multiple radio stations and the album is without a doubt K A H N’s top solo release to date.

 Recorded and produced by THEO CROUS at the now popular and renowned Belville Studios in Cape Town and with the assistance of Robert James Davidson (keyboard and synth for Zebra & Giraffe) K A H N has taken a slightly different direction for this album, which he describes, rather tongue in cheek, as a smorgasbord of gospel alternative 80’s POP from the future. The bi-weekly release of singles and videos from A NOISE IN THE VOID afforded fans the opportunity to experience a taste of what to expect from the album.

 Watch all the music videos from Kahn’s album ‘A Noise In The Void’ here:


Kahn’s album ‘A Noise In The Void’ is out now on digital release through Gallo Record Company –  – and available on CD in all good music stores nationwide.


‘A Noise In The Void’ tracklisting:

1              A NOISE IN THE VOID (Instrumental)

2              SWIMMING WITH THE SAINTS (Ft Tristan Prettyman)

3              VACANCY

4              GOODBYE ANNIE

5              RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT

6              A GIRL NAMED PARIS

7              FABLES

8              MOMENT IN THE SUN (Ft. Eden Myrrh)

9              CUPID

10           GET LUCKY

11           OPTIMISTIC EYES

12           MELT

13           WE COULD BE DIVINE (Ft. Karen Zoid)

14           THE MUSE

               Hidden track:

15           Dialogue (spoken word)


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