The video was made in Italy by a renowned animation company who chose to make it in stop motion, a process of manipulating paper and/or still objects to appear as though they are moving.

The story in the 1000 Memories video follows a woman that falls in love with a man, but she wonders if he is aware of her existence. The pair live on opposite sides of town, limiting their chances of interaction. Although he is oblivious to her existence, when their paths cross, the woman holds on to the hope that one day he will notice her, and in turn, they could take chance at love.

‘’As an artist, it tells me to never be afraid of following your dreams, and that the longer you lock your dreams up, the longer you can’t have them. You have to take the leap of faith,” Gomes says.

The release of 1000 Memories was paired with an ongoing social media challenge #1000Memories on Instagram which saw Gomes share old images of him when he was still starting out. Several celebrities, including Tamara Dey and Kid Fonque, joined in on the fun.

Having been invited to play at several festivals including Oppikoppi, Rocking the Daisies, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival and securing a slot at Sonar Festival in Barcelona, Jullian Gomes’s name precedes him and he is holding the South African flag high in the house music scene, both locally and internationally.

Click here to watch the music video for his new single, 1000 Memories.