The Metro FM collaboration is an initiative aimed at young musicians to collaborate with a well-known musician as a mentor to create fresh new music. The brand has confirmed hip-hop artist JR as the musician who will be mentoring and collaborating with emerging artist, Raw Bars.

JR is a producer and musician who has been in the local music scene since 2008 with chart topping hits such as Gata Lena and Show Dem. Born in Johannesburg, Raw Bars began writing and composing music at the age of nine.

After he moved from Johannesburg to Kempton Park, Raw Bars was exposed to different cultures of music, which inspired him to follow up on the hip hop movements.

“Through the #StartSomething campaign, Hunter’s is committed to creating innovative platforms for aspiring artists to start their music career,” adds Maijaliina Hansen, Hunter’s global marketing manager.

Metro FM announced that Raw Bars and JR will create a new track, which will be accompanied by a music video produced by the South African film industry. The collaboration track, along with the music video, will be released at the end of July.

“The Metro FM collaboration is just another way Hunter’s is offering talented young South African artists to step up in the local music scene,” concludes Hansen.