Jamie’s Italian Kitchen now open in Johannesburg


amie Oliver, celebrity chef and food campaigner, and Whisky Creek Brands have opened the South African Jamie’s Italian restaurant in the vibrant Melrose Arch Boulevard, north of Johannesburg.
The restaurant is filled with the spirit and vibe of Joburg, bringing an authentic South African culture to the Italian-inspired eatery and antipasti bar. Jamie’s Italian SA will feature fresh ingredients sourced from established local suppliers while the rustic menu will include artisan breads, pasta and pizza made fresh daily on site, with signature Italian dishes and desserts prepared in front of diners in the open-plan kitchen.

Jamie's Italian Kitchen now open in Johannesburg

The team behind South Africa’s first Jamie’s Italian has been hard at work for the past couple of months finalising all the details that will ensure the unique culture is brought to life in the restaurant. The menu and concept will continue to evolve with creativity, simplicity, great quality and a genuine passion for Italian family food.

When asked what South Africans can expect from Jamie’s Italian SA, Oliver said, “Jamie’s Italian was designed to be accessible and affordable – a neighborhood restaurant where everyone is welcome and feels comfortable no matter what the occasion. Each restaurant is uniquely designed to incorporate the personality of the city, as well as creating an environment where the focus is on exceptional food, good company and the relaxed conviviality of the Italian table.”


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